A day trip to Amsterdam and Old Dutch cities

Amsterdam and Haarlem

The Old Dutch cities of Haarlem and Amsterdam are easily accessible from your apartment in Zandvoort. You can be at Amsterdam Central Station within 30 train minutes and stroll through the heart of Amsterdam to the Jordaan. The city center of Haarlem is a nice trip from your Zandvoort apartment by car or bicycle, half an hour away. For example, by bicycle via a long road through the dunes. From Zandvoort the train leaves at least 2x an hour from Zandvoort via Haarlem to Amsterdam (more often from Haarlem, so you can also make a stopover in Haarlem).

Zaanse Schans and Alkmaar

The historic city of Alkmaar has 1000 monuments, narrow cobbled streets with ancient buildings. From April to September you can experience the cheese market on the Waagplein every Friday from 10 am. The cheese carriers in their white suits with straw hats weigh the cheeses, inspect the quality and negotiate the price with a “hand clap”.

The Zaanse Schans is one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands. You can easily spend half a day on the Schans. This region, the oldest industrial area in Western Europe, once housed more than six hundred mills. Twenty pairs of blades are still rotating on the Zaanse Schans. You can visit the old, working wooden mills. These mills saw wood and grind oil, flour, spices and dyes.

Old Dutch cities of Volendam and Marken

Visit Volendam and find historical costumes and fishing boats. Frau Antje, the girl who promotes Dutch cheese in Germany, wears a derivative of the Volendam costumes. In the Volendam harbor you can take the boat to the peninsula Marken. A boat leaves to and from Volendam every 30 minutes. A day at Volendam or Marken with a crossing gives you a unique view of the former Zuiderzee. The wooden houses on piles are characteristic of Marken. Even older are the so-called “yards”, artificial elevations on which people lived.

Want to make a day trip from Zandvoort by bike?

As an extra service we also arrange your bike rental. Discover the immediate surroundings, but also make a nice day trip by bicycle to Keukenhof via a bicycle route of 24 to 40 km long.
The city center of Haarlem is easily accessible by bicycle; a trip of about half an hour, for example via a long road through the dunes.