The Zandvoort beach

Zandvoort aan Zee is of course known for its beautiful beach, which is an average of 100 meters wide and over 9 kilometers long. The Zandvoort beach has more than thirty pavilions on the textile beach and five pavilions on the nudist beach. All pavilions are open from March to October and five of them are open all year round. Typically Zandvoorts are the fishing carts that sell their goods while driving along the high tide line.

Nudist beach

This beach can be found south of Zandvoort, direction Langevelderslag, from kilometer 68 to kilometer 71. Zandvoort has the only public nudist beach on the Dutch coast where you will find pavilions with full facilities such as a terrace, restaurant, beds, umbrellas and showers. The blue flag assigned to Zandvoort indicates that it has been designated as a clean beach.

Water sports

Kitesurfing, catamaran sailing and other water sports activities belong to Zandvoort. In recent years, more and more people have started practicing water sports. There are three official arrival and departure places designated for the beach: at Bernie’s beach club, at The Spot and Reddingsbrigade north and at Watersportvereniging and Reddingsbrigade zuid.

Go wave surfing at The Spot in Zandvoort! They have all materials and experienced wave surfing instructors. Or learn stand up paddle boarding (SUPpen) at sea in 3 evenings and experience the ultimate challenge that this great sport has to offer! From paddle technique to wave riding. Also rent a wetsuit, canoe or skateboard here.

Endless beach walk

Walk on the beach to the north and you will find at the end of the boulevard Bloemendaal aan Zee. If you are looking for peace and quiet, walk past Bloemendaal for a walk on the beach to the piers of the harbor of IJmuiden (10 km from the Zandvoort center). Or walk from Zandvoort to the south past the nudist beach towards Langevelderslag and Noordwijk. Behind the first row of dunes, a beautiful dune path runs back along the Amsterdam water supply dunes towards Zandvoort.